Mangalistas A Rare Breed

Mangalitsas are a slow-growing breed and take about two years to reach full size. This extended growth period allows the hog to develop a thick layer of fat that gives the meat its unique flavor and texture.

The Prime Pork Pick

☆ Mangalitsas are not prone to obesity, so they stay lean even when pasture-raised. The Mangalista is one of the fattiest pigs in the world, and its meat is prized for its flavor and texture.

☆ On average 65-70% of the carcass is fat, which is why it is also known as the "lard pig".

☆ Mangalista's fat is rich in oleic acid, the same healthy monounsaturated fat found in olive oil.

☆ This unique combination of fat and flavor makes Mangalitsa pork is perfect for cooking methods that require long, slow cooking times, such as braising, smoking, or roasting.